About Pipefitters LU 539

The origin of LU 539 was some time before 1906 but because the records were lost or destroyed we are not able to establish the exact date. However, the local had a charter with the International Association of Steam, Hot Water and Power Pipefitters and Helpers as Branch #19 and on April 18, 1911, Local 539 was issued a charter from the United Association of Journeyman and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada. Our jurisdiction encompasses 22 counties in central Minnesota.

What is a Union? Why join one?

Our union was established for one reason, to protect the workers in our industry. When workers join together we develop a better industry for all! Together we promote better wages, benefits and working conditions.

The union is strength in numbers and the power of a group of like minded people, joining together for a common purpose. But it is something even greater, it is the solidarity of brothers and sisters joining together for the benefit of all workers. Joining together to better the plight of all human beings who must give their time and efforts to provide for their families.

The union is a family of workers bent on providing for, and protecting our families. We are all in this together!

Union facts:

  • Union members elect all officers in their own local unions.
  • Union members vote on all contract issues.
  • Union members decide all important policies.
  • Union members discuss and decide all actions taken by majority votes.
  • Union members have a voice in decisions that affect their lives.

Union education:

Our members are recipients of some of the best training in the industry. We offer state of the art training through our registered journeyman and apprenticeship training programs.

The United Association has helped develop the finest instructor training program in the world. Most of our instructors are enrolled in, or graduates of, the five year instructor training program. In addition to training, all of our instructors come from the industry. These experts give their time and experience willingly to better the trade and industry. Training is our hallmark, our legacy, our future!